Why we are doing what we are doing

This site has been created because we are concerned about inappropriately large wind turbines.

We are not anti-wind or anti-renewables and we haven't objected to the smaller developments in the area. However, recently there have been projects at various stages of planning that are three and four times the size of any of the turbines that are currently in the area. Unlike the existing Turbine projects, these benefit the few, to the massive detriment of the community.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fife Council releases new policy guidelines on Wind Energy

Spot Fife has given a warm welcome to the new policy guidelines referring to Wind Energy. We believe it provides the Planners with a set of tools to properly scrutinise potential developments with small numbers of medium sized turbines, however we are concerned about the minimum distance between a turbine and a dwelling being only 10 rotor diameters to protect from shadow flicker. We have found no research to provide the efficacy of this rather arbitrary measurement, in fact there is plenty of research that shows this does not provide enough protection to householders.

To find out more, you can download the guidelines here:

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  1. Unfortunately this guidance has been produced slightly to late to stop inappropriate developments such as Little Raith Wind Farm. This site has 27Mw of installed capacity and the Fife Council guidelines recommend a setback zone of 2km for Turbines with a capacity of over 20Mw.

    Little Raith (423ft high) which will be very visible to the Dunfermline area is sited within 1.5 km of Lochgelly, Lumphinnans and Cowdenbeath