Why we are doing what we are doing

This site has been created because we are concerned about inappropriately large wind turbines.

We are not anti-wind or anti-renewables and we haven't objected to the smaller developments in the area. However, recently there have been projects at various stages of planning that are three and four times the size of any of the turbines that are currently in the area. Unlike the existing Turbine projects, these benefit the few, to the massive detriment of the community.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Payments to Landowners


  1. Hello all, This is not how the schemes work under the Feed in Tariff (FIT), which from my limited experience is what majority of landowners are working too.
    The FIT has been developed by the Govn't to encourage business to invest in wind to develop electricity for the local use & for the grid. It does this by guaranteeing a minimum payment for each KWh produced. This is not paid for from tax, its paid for by the elec companies, who then pass this on to the bill payer. This is a very good site explaining how the FIT works. http://www.fitariffs.co.uk/
    I appreciate that some schemes are not suitable for certain areas, but some are and very important to the businesses that will be using the power. Thank you

  2. Jim, technically you are right, and thank you for pointing it out. This graphic was borrowed from our Saline colleagues, but we overlooked that the legend for the blue section should have read that this money is paid by Electricity bill payers, not tax payers - although on the whole they are probably one and the same. Thanks